Van Hal Adviespraktijk
Vitality, ageing and a life with dementia

Our concepts

Our aim with our concepts is to maximize the independence and self-sufficiency. The benefits of realized concepts are outstanding and include greater contentment, a feeling of belonging, support to live and die, reduced medication, significant changes in responsive behaviors, increased appetite, healthy weight gain, better sleep and more engagement with the community.

We promote and encourage independence and self-sufficiency. We support people to age gracefully, together with friends and family and enjoying the pleasures of life.

We organize professional support nearby in making the right choices for the next journey when needed.

We encourage active aging, continuing doing everything what you already do for years. Leisure’s and pleasures. Culture, recreation, social opportunities and, on a deeper level, connection to a happy time of life.

We embrace living according your own lifestyle, your own favourite music, your favourite place!

We respect traditions in culture and food.
Enjoying life, traditional food, food according your life
style and always an eye for personal preferences.

The boomers and even the generation X will flip a lot of things in senior living. And the industry and care providers needs to be preparing for that future now. The new generation is a very different customer than were the greatest generation, who were used to being grateful for whatever they were offered. Boomers are much more entitled. They’re used to defining and creating the market.

Our trends in housing

Inclusive communities.

Dementia villages.

Pairing seniors with
younger renters.

New models with a holistic view of how we foster successful living among the seniors.

An uptick in urban properties.

More high-rise developments.

Properties built close to retail, public transportation and college campuses, with a greater emphasis
on intergenerational living.

Shared housing
and co-housing models.