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Vitality, ageing and a life with dementia

About Eloy

Eloy van Hal (1967) is director of Van Hal Adviespraktijk BV, Eloy’s private company about vitality, ageing and a life with dementia. He is also one of the founders of The Hogeweyk and works as senior managing advisor in the Be Advice | The Hogeweyk Care Concept Advisory team of the Vivium Care group. Eloy has over 25 years’ experience in managing care and more than 15 years in providing strategic and operational advisory services to clients in the public and private sectors. Eloy focuses particularly on the elderly care & dementia care sector and community-based aged care. He has worked on a range of projects all over the world, influencing, engaging and advising stakeholders. Eloy brings a strong understanding of innovative Care concepts for elderly and elderly living with dementia and lots of experience in age care from all over the world.

Eloy managed several nursing homes and assisted living facilities and elderly homes over more than 20 years. Eloy managed the former nursing home Hogewey for several years, before its transformation into the neighborhood The Hogeweyk.
As one of the developers Eloy was heavily involved in all the stages of development from initial initiative via design, construction, implementation and maintaining and improving the concept. After opening in 2008, he managed The Hogeweyk until June 2015.
There is such a high demand from the world for new solutions in good dementia care that Eloy is sharing his knowledge and experience with others as director and advisor at Van Hal Adviespraktijk BV since 2010 and as senior managing advisor at Be the Hogeweyk care concept since 2015.
Eloy and his colleagues and partners have inspired thousands of people, companies local and national authorities worldwide.
He is inspiring and guiding new initiatives in dementia care worldwide. For example initiatives in Italy, Rome and Sardinia, in different stages of development.
Eloy is a much sought-after keynote speaker about dementia care and dementia villages at international summits.

Current positions

  • Director Van Hal Adviespraktijk BV, Eloy’s private company about vitality, ageing and a life with dementia
  • Senior Managing Advisor Be, the Hogeweyk Care Concept at Vivium care group, Weesp


  • Aged care management
  • Models of dementia care
  • Dementia care consultancy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Development
  • Design
  • Keynote Speaker

Professional Qualifications

  • MSc Consumer Sciences, Wageningen University & Research
  • BBA Facility Management, Academy Zuyd

Past positions
Facility manager at Vivium care group, several facilities incl. The Hogeweyk. Several other positions in care, hospitality services and advice